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Ph.D. Students

Prospective Ph.D. students can join the lab after admittance to any one of these Baylor College of Medicine's Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics program, the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, the Program in Developmental Biology, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, or the Program in Cell and Molcular Biology, and after completing an initial lab rotation. Check out the relevant website.

Postdoctoral Positions

This position is available immediately!

Position is geared towards understanding the fundamentals of microbial adaptation. The candidate will use next-gen sequencing, computational algorithms and bacterial genetics to identify adaptive mutations in laboratory evolution experiments of E.coli. Self- guidance and resourcefulness are necessary qualities for success in the position. Starting salary will commensurate with past experience.

Apply for this position

Please include your curriculum vitae, a 1-2 page statement describing your research interests and future goals, and contact information for three (3) references.

Postdoctoral Positions

The research would be in the areas of computational biology and comparative genomics, protein and peptide design, function prediction and bacterial genomics instability. The exact choice of topic would depend on the interests of the applicant. Appointment are for two-three years, but may be extended further.

Applicants with backgrounds in bioinformatics, computer science, physics, statistics, or biology would be well-suited. Skills in problem solving and in programming are necessary (Unix/Linux, C, C++, perl, HTML/java), and experience with databases is desirable.

Applicants with experimental skills in protein biochemistry and cellular biology are also desirable.

Typically applications require a CV and 3 letters of references.

Research Associates and Scientific Programmers

Such positions occasionally open up in the lab. Please contact us for more information.